lovely panties

A pretty girl in her underwear
If there's anything better in this world
who cares


that anon could have worded their concern a little differently, but it does bring me to ask why all the girls on this blog are skinny and white. i'm really just asking. is that intentional?

No. I’ve responded this a thousand times. I don’t go around looking at photos of girls and dismissing the ~imperfect ones. You should ask yourself if there’s REALLY an abundance of the types deemed ~imperfect by the anon on the internet. I don’t even post that much these days, I’ve just returned from a very long hiatus because of people like that anon that think they’re entitled to run my blog for me. In the end, you guys should remember that I’m not performing a public service. I owe you nothing.


95% of the girls on here have "perfect" bodies. I wish that wasn't the case. I wish you celebrated imperfect beauty a little more.

go fuck yourself.